Many people believe the personal insurance agent has become a thing of the past.  Some believe they can get the insurance they need from the Internet or a toll free number.  That may be true for those who feel they have little at risk.

Those who start a family and have their own home, cars and businesses still need and appreciate someone who can advise them on how to best protect their assets. It is a complicated world.  People need help deciding what must be insured and the best type of policy required to do it effectively.

I am trustworthy and dependable.  My mission is to build long-term relationships with those that want a very knowledgeable insurance agent on their side.  Advising my clients on how to get the most comprehensive insurance protection for the best price to properly manage the risk they have in their busy lives has always been very enjoyable to me.

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Make More Happen Award – Summer 2014

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Your vote could mean $10,500 for Sonoma County Search and Rescue from Safeco Insurance!

Just one click from you could help Sonoma County Search and Rescue win up to $10,500 from Safeco Insurance. That’s right — just one click.

You see, Kiddoo Insurance Agency has been selected for a Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen Award because of our volunteer service with Sonoma County Search and Rescue. The award comes with a $3,000 donation from Safeco Insurance for Sonoma County Search and Rescue and entry in the Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Contest.

Your votes could help Sonoma County Search and Rescue receive even more money from Safeco. Here’s how it works: The public is encouraged to vote for their favorite charity featured in the Make More Happen Contest. The entry with the most votes will receive an additional $10,000 donation from Safeco; the runner-up will receive $5,000. If the total votes made during the contest reach or exceed a vote goal, all of charities featured in the contest will receive an additional $500 donation from Safeco Insurance.

At Kiddoo Insurance Agency, we believe strongly in supporting our community — and dedicated organizations like Sonoma County Search and Rescue help make Santa Rosa a better place for all of us. We’re particularly proud that we have been recognized with the Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Award. Five years ago, Steve Kiddoo of Kiddoo Insurance Agency had some free time on his hands and decided to find a way to serve his community. What a difference a few years makes! Steve now spends upwards of 200 hours annually with Sonoma County Search & Rescue, helping to locate missing people and provide emergency medical assistance. He serves as a search team leader who helps train new members. The team practices several days a month, along with larger sessions on rope rescue and patient “packaging” a couple of times each year.

Please help make more happen for our community by voting today:http://www.safeco.com/about-safeco/community/make-more-happen-vote.

Of course, all of the Make More Happen Award winners deserve to be celebrated, so when you visit the contest site, take a little time to read about the great work they all do and cheer on those that inspire you. Be sure to leave a cheer for Sonoma County Search and Rescue or Kiddoo Insurance Agency! We hope you’ll come away inspired to make a difference.

You can start by getting involved with Sonoma County Search and Rescue. Just go to sonomasar.org to find out how.

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